Hydraulic Folding S Tiller Cultivator

S-Tine Foldable Tiller is a secondary soil tillage machine is mounted to tractor's hydraulic lifting unit and universal three point linkage system, hydraulically mounted type machine. Therefore transportation to the field can be easily done. Hydraulically Foldable Tiller is used for preparing the soil before sowing by uprooting the weeds for to make fertilizer and preparing the seed-beds. Row spaces of the feet are adjustable. For preparing the soil for the sowing process single or double row roll also could be attachable at the back of the machine. By preparing seed bed. Sensitive working depth. Protects the soil; prevents erosion. Protects the humidity of the soil; increases water Pr penetration capacity. Of compared with other machines minimum fuel consumption. Very effective against wild grass fighting. Leveling the field with the help of its roller. Prepares the soil excellently for the plant growth

Tecnical Features Units Models 
Number of  Tines pcs 35 40 45 50 55 60 65
Total  Width  cm 370 420 470 520 570 620 670
Working Width  cm 360 410 460 510 560 610 660
Workig  Depth cm 20
Length Without Roller cm 170-200
Length With Roller cm 240-270
Total  Hight  kg 140
Weight Without Roller kg 580 650 720 790 860 930 1000
Weight With Roller kg 980 1060 1140 1220 1300 1380 1460
Tractor power hp 70-80 90-100 110-120 130-140 150-160 170-180 190-200