Subsoiler is a mounted type machine which cultivates the soil without leaving any raw soil between the tines due to the stand structure and by breaking the lower plow layer without carrying the infertile soil in the lower layer up to the top. Cultivation with a high operation depth may be performed with the subsoiler. It provides soil aeration, water retraction to the bottom by preventing rain water to stay on the surface and protection of the soil humidity and convenient going down for the plant roots by breaking the hard layer. Yield is increased by this operation. Purpose of Use: Cultivates even the deepest part of the soil. Gets rid of the rough soil on the land. Protects the soil against erosion pa from the rain or snow and stores the water in the deeper parts of the soil. Furrows can be made with adding a piece on the plough. With breaking up the soil, plant roots can develop better. Breaking up the deep part of the soil allows it to breath.

Tecnical Features Units Models     
Number of legs pcs 1 2 3
Length  cm 98 130 170
Width cm 95 100 180
Height cm 140 140 140
Working depth cm 50-75 50-75 50-75
Weight kg 205 330 500
Tractor Power hp 70-80 90-100 110-120