Double-Way Garden Type Mulcher

Powered by the tractor PTO. Works with the tractor 3-point linkage. Suitable for use in all orchards and vineyards. High performance with strong transmission system. Turning back feature - during the jam by hydro motor. Two-way use. Front or Rear way use position is possible. For apples, citrus and fruit orchards and vineyards can be used. Corrosion resistant butterfly blades. Adjustable height of the machine thanks to its rubber 
tires. Automatic belt tensioning system. Rubber tires preventing stuckig in the muddle of 
farmfields. Combs ensuring further disintegration of branches

Tecnical Features Units Models 
AGM165 AGM185 AGM210
Working width  cm 165 185 210
Blade and flange pcs 20 20 24
Weight  kg 750 850 950
Power  hp 50-100 55-100 60-100
PTO  rpm 540 540 540