Double-way Reversible Land Leveller Hydraulic

Land Levelling Blade is a multi-purpose implement; making field way, land levelling, opening ditches and fillings. It has been improved in many aspects and it can be used in any direction by the help of its 360 degree of working angle. Blades are made of special steel to prevent the corrosion and break. It can be used in two ways, it is removable. Leveling fields and land improves: Water use efficiency, İncreases grain yield, Grain quality, Water coverage. Benefits of precise land leveling: Save irrigation water 35 %, Increase in field areas, Reduce farm operating time by 10 %, Assist top soil management, Save labor costs, Save fuel/electricity used in irrigation, More productivity up to 50 %.

Tecnical Features Units Models     
AHL200 AHL220 AHL240
Working  Width cm 200 220 240
Working Depth cm 50 50 50
Length cm 140 140 140
Height cm 110 110 110
Weight kg 265 285 355
Tractor Power hp 40-75 50-75 60-90