Crust Breaking Machine

 After rainfall or irrigation, mud and clay particles concentrated by water on the soil combine to form a hard layer, generally 1-2 cm thick. This layer is called the cream layer. This prevents the plant from growing, and the yield decreases. It is a soil cultivation tool made to break the slip layer, to aerate the soil and to prepare better conditions for the plants during development. And it is also used to loosen the throats of the grown seeds. Independent legs work separately and do not damage the product. Working width; 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m, 4.5 m are available. Also 5.8 m and 6.4 m as folding typs are produced.

Tecnical Features Units Models 
CB580 CB640
Type   Folding Vertical Folding
Total Length on Road cm 300 250
Total Length on Work cm 580 640
Total Height cm 110 130
Total Width cm 140 140
Working Width cm 580 640
Star Type cm Rotary Rotary
Star Material    Casting Steel Casting Steel
Weight kg 1100 1250