Trailed Hay Rake

Trailed type carted rake has two single rake frames operated by independent acting cylinders, which use tractor hydraulics to raise and lower the finger wheels from transport to field position. The tyne shape and special steel used in manufacturing have been studied to give them the best flexibility.The final result is a fluffy windrow suitable to form an even and compact bale. The two rake main frames, pivot and slide on the trolley frame giving you the possibility of setting the rake working width at your convenience, maintaining the optimum inclination in respect to the crop you are raking. The wide frame of the trolley allows for maximum stability of the rake even in rough terrain.

Tecnical Features Units Models   
ACR-8 ACR-10
Number of Wheel pcs 8 10
Number of Spring pcs 320 400
Total Length cm 670 760
Transport  Width cm 300 300
Working Width cm 520-610 520-700
Weight kg 590 660
Tractor Power hp 30 40