Chain Mulcher

The chain mower collects the The chain mower collects the residues of the field products such as corn, sunflower, cotton, wheat on the stubble after harvest and lays them on the surface of the field, and scraps the residues of the trees and pruned branches in the vineyards and orchards, by removing the residues of beet and potato leaves, and the residues in meadows and similar areas. It is an agricultural machine that turns these residues into organic materials. Its robust structural feature is resistant to impacts. It enriches the soil and agricultural areas in terms of nutrients, especially the gain of the element nitrogen and it improves the physical properties of the soil.

Tecnical Features Units Models 
ACM130 ACM150 ACM180
Number of Chain pcs  2 2 3
Working Width cm 130 150 180
P.T.O. rpm 540 540 540
Weight kg 170 185 200
Tractor Power hp 30-50 30-60 40-60