Sickle Bar Mower Single Blade

It is connected to the tractor with 3 hanger system and works with the movement it receives from the tail shaft. The blades cut shear with two-way movement between harpses.The automatic protection mechanism on It Is switched on when stuck in an obstacle, preventing damage to the machine. The wings behind the cutting section open the tractor wheel space, preventing grains from spilling by crushing the harvested product by the wheel. It can be used even in small garden type tractors that do not tire the tractor. Hydraulic and Mechanical type two types are available. It can be used efficiently in harvesting green feed crops and legumes.

Tecnical Features Units Models   
SBM160 SBM180
Cutting Width cm 160 180
Number of Blade pcs 22 24
Tractor Power hp 25 25
PTO rpm 540 540
Weight kg 175 190