Disc Mower

It is used especially for the It is used especially for the feed plants growing horizontally such as vetch, white clover, Lotus corniculatus and for reaping all kinds of meadow, pasture and feed plants and wild plants with the effect of the air current formed during the rotate of the discs. It is driven by the tractor tail spindle and connected to it with three point hitch system. The movement is transmitted serially through its four fold belt pulley. It has a safety mechanism against the damage which may occur if it hits a hard and big object (tree, stone, etc). It reduces the damage to a minimum by moving backwards when it hits an object. The Disc Mower rises up by hydraulic system. So the machine stays behind the object. tractor in transport position. Grass-cutting is performed on sloppy grounds after the machine is made suitable to the slope through the hydraulic piston. The grass that has been cut can be picked according to the desired sizes by the direction changer part that is connected to the rear part of the machine.It provides a very low and high-quality cutting on the evened ground where it leaves spread the grass it has reaped with its high-quality cutting by leaving a one-type stubble.

Tecnical Features Units Models 
Number of Disc pcs  4 5 6
Number of Blade pcs 8 10 12
Working  Width cm 165 205 245
Height cm 239 277 315
P.T.O. rpm 540 540 540
Weight kg 445 465 475
Tractor Power hp 40 50 60