Hay Rake

Hay Rake is easily adaptable to each type of tractor by its three point linkage system. It provides a lot of time and labor saving.It offers an excellent performance on each kind of fields and it helps farmers to make work easier than previous. Hay Rake is used for separating the green herb over the field to ventilate them to dry in a short time. It can be used to collect the cut plant stalks together to put this in a standard row and by this way the plant stalks returns to te economy and obtains extra gain.

Tecnical Features Units Models       
Number of Wheel pcs 3 4 5 8
Number of Spring pcs 120 160 200 320
Total  Length cm 300 400 530 670
Total  Width cm 150 210 230 300
Working  Width cm 175-200 250-300 300-350 520-610
Weight kg 125 160 195 470
Tractor Power hp 25-50 30-50 40-60 50-60