Multi-Purpose Thresher

This th This threshing machine is shafted and bagged type. It threshings and extracts the crop out of the spike and sheath and breaks the stalks into straw, it also separates grain from straw and foreign materials with the aid of an aspirator. Apart from wheat, rye, oats, vetch, beans, cumin and other cereal varieties, with additional belt-pulley system and sieve variants chickpeas, beans, lentils, sorghum and similar plants can be blended by this machine. The necessary drive transmission for these processes can be obtained from tractor pulley by means of belt system or shaft through PTO. The other outstanding feature with our Threshing machine is to load the harvested grain and pulses in bags or featu on trailer by means of combined bagging system.

Tecnical Features Units Models 
Total Length cm 375
Total Width cm 225
Total Height cm 230
Beater Width cm 120
Number of Beater Blade pc 44
PTO rpm 540
Tire Size   600x16
Weight kg 1440
Power hp 35