Trailed Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizer spreader is a modern granule fertilising machine which is manufactured as trailed type with two discs, hydraulic control and PTO shaft. The fertilizer spreaders are easily transported to the field where fertilizing shall take place, and there is no need to take a second tractor to the small fields thanks to our machines with a high storage capacity. The fertilizer spreaders can be manufactured with hydraulic controls. Thanks to the hydraulic control, fertilizer flow can be easily controlled at the boundaries of the field from the tractor cab. Also, it is possible to individually control the fertilizer spreading discs at the boundaries thanks to the hydraulic control. Depending on the type of fertilizer, discs at the boundaries thanks the settings of angle and wing length on the disc must be changed.

Tecnical Features Units Models 
AFS-T2500 AFS-T3500
Number of Discs pcs 2 2
Hopper Capacity lt. 2500 3500
Total Width cm 215 215
Working Width m 24-36 24-36
Total Length cm 265 290
Total Height cm 220 245
Weight kg 750 900
Tractor Power hp 70-90 70-90
PTO rpm 540 540
Stainless Steel Disc & Wings   Standard Standard
2-way  Auto Control   Standard Standard
Fertilizer Adjust Sys.   Hydraulic Hydraulic