Solid Manure Spreader

Spreaders allow you to use your compost most effectively. By distributing the separated solid manure homogeneously on your land, it increases the yield of your land over the years. Thanks to its vertical located beaters , it provides the convenience of homogeneous distribution of your organic fertilizer or fertilizer that has lost some of its water. The gearboxes and the chain system on the manure spreader are designed to endure high forces and long working times, this series are high-capacity spreaders which are designed for feeder, cow/calf, and dairy operations that process a wide array of semi-solid and solid materials. These machines pair superior look and build with semi-solid and solid materials. performance and are backed by rigorous testing and user feedback.

Tecnical Features Units Models     
ASS-3 ASS-5 ASS-10
Capacity ton 3 5 10
Total Length cm 470 575 695
Total Width cm 200 215 215
Total Height cm 172 275 285
Chassis Base Height cm 115 115 115
Track Width cm 180 180 180
Case Dimensions cm 120x260x80 175x355x100 175x455x120
Weight kg 1500 2600 3500
  Drum Features
Type   Beater Beater Beater
Number pcs 2 2 2
Drum Diameter mm 520 520 520
Drum Length cm 110 110 110
PTO rpm 540 540 540
Tractor Power hp 40-50 50-60 70-80