Combined Grain Direct Seed Drill (No-Till) Trailed Type

No-Till Seed Drill Machine is a modern machine which can di No-Till Seed Drill Machine is a modern machine which can directly precision plant seeds of whole grains even in hard soil conditions. Its possible to precision plant seeds such as wheat, barley, oats, rye, large and medium-sized seeds such as rapeseed and small seeds such as clover and canola. This is combined seed drill machine that it can adjust the seed and fertilizer or only seed to desired amount and depth. A reduction in tillage passes helps prevent the compaction of soil. No-till Seeders are used for the raw grain stubble after harvest and fertilizer directly to the desired weight and centimetres (cm) range has the ability to make planting. Using this machine prevents stubble fires, conserves time, the ability labor fuel and water

Tecnical Features Units Models       
Number of Discs pcs 18 22 24 28
Total Length cm 480 480 480 480
Height cm 200 200 200 200
Total  Width cm 315 350 385 420
Working Width cm 238 285 312 369
Seeding Distance cm 14 14 14 14
Seed Box Capacity Lt 1050 1180 1300 1450
Fertilizer Box Capacity Lt 840 950 1050 1175
Working Speed Km/h 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8
Weight kg 3200 3600 3850 4270
Tractor Power hp 75-85 85-95 95-105 105-115