Mounted Type Rotary Head Turbo Atomizer (Robothead)

Agrimir Turbo atomizers help you in agricultural struggle in vineyards, orchards, forests and various wooded areas.
It offers ease of use to farmers with its superior performance, easy adjustment, time saving, and helping to reduce excess water, pesticide and fuel consumption.

Tech Features:
Fan Model: Robotics
Tank Capacity: 600/800 Lt
Pump Type : 4-Membrane
Pump Pressure : 50 bar
Control Panel : VDR-50
Working Width : 40-45 mt
Required Power : 80-90 hp
PTO Speed : 540 rpm
Fan Flow Rate : 66000 rpm/min
Weight : 420 kg (800 lt)
Dimensions: 160x160x210 cm (800 lt)