Hydraulic Mounted Field Sprayer

Hydraulic Mounted Field Sprayer


Hydraulic Mounted Field Sprayer

General Features :

Tractor mounted sprayers by PTO via shaft developed to meet the different requirements of plant protection treatments.

Sprayers extremely versatile and suitable, according to the applications, to operate in open-field cultivations, sprayer and distribute herbicides among the plant rows the availability of several mechanical and hydraulic spraying booms together with different equipments and option allow our sprayers to suit the requirement of the single users in the specific treatments.

•    Easily mountable on 3-pt of tractors
•    Level indicator on the tank
•    Polythene tanks 
•    Easily cleanable water filter
•    Booms are removable for loading and transportation
•    Easily adjustable and user friendly
•    High efficiency
•    Clean water tank
•    Pressure regulation



  Units Models
Tank Capacity Lt. 600 800 1000
Pump lt/min A80 A80 A105
Flow Rate lt/min 80 80 105
Pressure bar 50 50 50
PTO r/m 540 540 540
Nozzle   brass plastic brass plastic brass plastic
Length cm 140 158 165
Width cm 77 80 80
Height cm 142 160 160
Boom Length m Opt. 12-15 Opt. 12-15 Opt. 12-15
Weight kg 200 300 380